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The link between dental health and your general health.

2019 April 15
by Sanjay Narda

Dental professionals have suspected it for a long time, and now recent studies have proven a link between dental health and general health. There are many general health problems that can be caused by or worsened by having poor dental health. These problems include but are not limited to: stroke, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and having a premature baby.

Why is this?

Strokes: Studies have shown that people who have had strokes are more likely to have gum disease than to not have it. The studies found bacteria found under the gums were also found in the arteries.

Heart disease: people with gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease. This is also down to bacteria which has leaked into the bloodstream, the increased protein encourages clots which can reduce normal blood flow and cause heart attacks.

Diabetes: Diabetics are more likely to get infections in general, and they heal more slowly. This is more prevalent in people who poorly control their diabetes. The high glucose levels in the body helps germs grow and encourages the onset of gum disease.

Respiratory disease: people with gum disease have higher levels of bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria get breathed into the lungs in fine droplets and can cause lung infections like pneumonia.

Unborn babies: pregnant women that have gum disease are 3 times more likely to give birth before 35 weeks. Gum disease raises the levels of chemicals that bring on labour. Having gum disease treated properly can reduce the risk of a premature birth.

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