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Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

2018 December 17
by Sanjay Narda

Root canal treatment is a procedure we use to help save teeth that have died or become infected. Without root canal treatment, the infected tooth will likely cause toothache and need extracting, so this procedure is vital for many people who want to try and save the tooth.

Following a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth, the canals are cleaned out in stages to remove the damaged tissue with a series of tiny files and an antibacterial solution. The canals are then filled up with a type of rubber resin and topped with a filling. The procedure is often done over two stages to ensure the symptoms have cleared up before the permanent restoration is placed.

Root canal treatments should not cause pain. In fact, the symptoms before the root canal treatment are the worst bit! Once the tooth is numbed, the patient should feel little to no discomfort.  Sometimes, a course of antibiotics is given before treatment to start getting the infection under control, and to help the injection work more effectively.

The day after the treatment, the area may feel a little tender, but many patients feel a sense of relief that the toothache has started to resolve. If you do have this kind of tenderness, then normal painkillers will help to ease this temporary discomfort.

Once your tooth has been root treated, then take good care of it and it should last you for many more years.

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Dr. Sanjay Narda

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