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Dental implants: Your Questions Answered

2019 January 7
by Sanjay Narda

What are dental implants? Dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. They are a replacement root, onto which a crown can be attached.W

What are they made of? The implants we use are made from a medical grade titanium. The implant system we use has all the benefits of the latest implant technology. The implant surface is blasted with titanium oxide crystals to encourage bone growth and contains micro threads to evenly distribute stress. 

What company do you use? We use Dentsply Sirona implants, specifically the Astra tech EV system designed by AstraZeneca.

What are the success rates of implants? Success rates of implants are high but vary depending on the quality of bone, the overall health of the gums and the health of the patient. The average success rate of an implant lasting 10 years or more is over 98%.

Does the procedure hurt? Before we start the procedure, we use a local anaesthetic to numb the area and ensure it is fully numb before we start. After that there is no pain or discomfort – most of our patients don’t believe us until we are finished! The first few days after the procedure it is normal to feel some tenderness in the area, normal painkillers will help with this.

Will they look natural? Yes. One of the main benefits of choosing an implant is that they can look and feel like just a natural tooth. We work with you to choose a shade for your implant that feels right for you and looks right with the other teeth. There is an extra service (at a cost of £40) where you can go and have the shade digitally measured at the lab, which can help if you have many different shades and characteristics within the one tooth.

Does it matter how old you are? No, not at all. Age is not a concern when it comes to implant placement. The same initial tests will be carried out whatever your age and if the bone quality is enough, there is nothing stopping you.  We have some lovely patients in their 80’s who are enjoying life with their new implants, enabling them to eat all the foods they enjoy.

What is the cost? There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on the type of restoration you desire. Some people have implants to act as stabilisers to click their dentures in place, some patients have individual crowns, and some have bridges attached. Therefore, we offer a free consultation, so we can discuss your needs and give you the costs.

We hope this has answered some of your questions. If you are interested in implants, please call us to book a free dental implant consultation on 01844 343381 or visit our dental practice in Princes Risborough, Bucks.

We see patients from Princes Risborough, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Wendover, Thame and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Sanjay Narda

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